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Chosen To Fly is a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to those who left us way too soon.   Perhaps one of the most meaningful songs Holly has ever written--with all of the school shootings, the Las Vegas concert shooting victims, the drug epidemic throughout the U.S.-- this song speaks to so many affected by the tragic and untimely death of a loved one in their prime.  With a message of hope and comfort knowing that we will meet our loved ones again in Heaven, Chosen To Fly uplifts those that were left behind.  

She not only recorded the song but created a beautiful music video to honor some of the 'Sweetest Angels' that were chosen to fly.  Some were murdered, some died of disease or accident, some from drugs and alcohol, some from War but all were taken way too soon.  Holly wanted to honor those she knew from her home in East Tennessee as well as many others all over the country.  Please share the song and video with anyone you know that has lost a loved one.

The TCB album!

This is my brand new CD!  It was a long journey to get here, but turned out better than I ever could have imagined!

I have always been a huge Elvis fan. He and his music have been big inspirations to me as a singer/songwriter.

The idea for the album came a couple of years ago right at the gates of graceland.  My sister and i always attend 'Elvis week' and during the candlelight vigil we were talking about elvis and his music.  i was thinking about what my next project should be and like a lightning bolt the idea hit us both!  I was going to do a bluegrass tribute to elvis and his music!  we tossed around several ideas about songs and a title.  i laughed and said we should call it 'taking care of bluegrass' --as any Elvis fan knows 'TCB' was elvis' motto throughout his life and I thought this little twist on it was perfect!  

Still unsure about how to do all this, we contacted our dear friend Darrell Toney and he loved the idea!  He introduced us to Cody Kilby and along with my producer ernie rowell we came up with some amazing arrangements for 12 of elvis' songs.  it took over a year to get all the pieces into place to record them, but it was well worth the wait!  I had the honor of elvis' guitarist, the legendary james burton play resonator guitar on 'kentucky rain' and then terry blackwood and the imperials lent their magnificent voices to 3 of my favorites--'sweet sweet spirit', 'i'll remember you' and 'little cabin home on the hill'

along with these special guests, i was able to assemble my 'dream team' of the top musicians in bluegrass music!

led by brilliant guitarist cody kilby (of the renowned kentucky thunder band) the rest are all masters of their craft:

Cody Kilby on Guitar

Rob Ickes on dobro

Stuart Duncan on fiddle and mandolin

Aubrey Haynie on fiddle and mandolin

Glen Duncan on banjo and mandolin

Scott Vestal on banjo

Kevin Grantt on bass

Justin Moses on banjo and dobro

Alan Bartram on bass

It contains 12 Elvis songs and one original written by me as a tribute to elvis, titled "Long Live The King"

I am so honored to be able to show my admiration and respect to the greatest entertainer of all time-elvis presley!

I hope this project will help to keep his memory and music alive as well as bring his music to a whole new generation of fans.  it is dedicated to all those who love elvis.

"Without a song, the day would never end; without a song, a man ain't got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend; without a song.  So i keep singing a song.'

                   --Elvis Presley

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