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The first ever Goody Bag for our EVERYTHING ELVIS members. This will be a very Limited Edition only available until the end of August. Our theme for this years Elvis Week is “ARE YOU READY TO FLY” a quote from the new Elvis movie.

Only available to Pre-Order until August 13th.


💙 A Limited Edition “Are you ready to fly” T-Shirt

💙 A Limited Edition EVERYTHING ELVIS magnet for our founding members

💙 A beautiful Elvis themed Necklace ( style may vary based on availability )

💙 An Elvis Week 45 Souvenir Cup ( only available at Graceland, not sold online but we will pick one up for you )

💙A vintage piece of memorabilia from the EP Blvd Pawn Shop

💙 All sorts of Elvis Week memorabilia that we pick up around Memphis including the official postcard, pictures, guide book, magazine, etc. These aren’t pictured because they are not available until Elvis Week. We will be posting pictures of everything once we get there and pick them up.

The Ultimate EVERYTHING ELVIS Goody Bag!

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