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Long Live The King  

'Long Live The King' is the only original song on Holly's latest album TCB album.  Written by Holly, it is a tribute to one of her biggest musical influences!

This is a tribute song I wrote about Elvis for my new "Taking Care of Bluegrass" CD.

Chosen To Fly

'Chosen To Fly' is one of Holly's most treasured songs she's ever written.  This video pays tribute to several people from the East TN area that passed in the prime of their lives from War, Murder, Addiction, Disease, and the list goes on.  We have all lost someone way to soon.....they were chosen to fly.

Moody Blue

This is the first single from my new CD, "Taking Care of Bluegrass-A Tribute to Elvis."


This is the first single and video from my debut Bluegrass CD, Appalachian Angel.  I wrote

this song, along with 10 others on the CD.  

The Making of Taking Care of Bluegrass

Join me on my Youtube channel, hollynormanmusic, for my video series, The Making of Taking

Care of Bluegrass. This series will take you along on the journey of my brand new CD, Taking

Care of Bluegrass - A Tribute To Elvis.  It will give you a behind the scenes look at how the CD

and songs came to be.  

Rearranged Lyric video

This is my favorite song I wrote for the 'Appalachian Angel' CD!  Enjoy!

Check out more of my videos and web series on my YOUTUBE channel at Holly Norman Music!!

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